Somalia Drought Appeal 

Somalia is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent years. The drought is expanding affecting all the regions in the country. According to UN OCHA 6.2 million or more than half of the population in the country is in need of humanitarian assistance between February and June 2017.

The drought is induced by two consecutive seasons of poor rainfall. In the worst affected areas, poor rainfall and lack of water has wiped out crops and killed livestock, while communities are being forced to sell their assets, and borrow food and money to survive. The drought situation is compounded by protracted conflict which is causing displacements, seasonal climatic shocks and disease outbreaks.

According to Somalia and Somaliland governments, United Nations and other international organizations, the immediate urgent needs are:

 Provision of Clean Water: Widespread water shortages in the drought-affected areas have created Acute Watery Diarhoea (AWD)/Cholera outbreak 12 regions out of 18 regions in the country with 558 deaths and 28,408 cases. Water trucking and rehabilitation of wells and boreholes are thus top priorities.

 Emergency Food Distribution: the country is at the brink of famine – the malnutrition rates are currently the highest in the world according to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Providing emergency food aid and supporting large feeding centers which provide the masses food and nutrition are top priorities.

 Medical Assistance:  Disease and illness is spreading fast in Somalia. Watery diarrhea outbreaks are reported across the country claiming lives poor children and mothers. Establishing mobile clinics in affected areas particularly AWD/Cholera outbreak regions remains a top priority.

Provision of Shelter: according to the UN/OCHA 599,000 people are internally displaced due to the drought. These people do not have any kind of accommodation or sanitation. They live in poor shelters made of woods covered with cartons worn out clothes. Provision of temporary shelter such us plastic sheets is top priorities.

We are responding to the humanitarian needs of some of the most vulnerable IDP camps.They urgently need essentials such as food, hygiene and sanitation kits, water containers, emergency shelter and short-term work opportunities.

With your support we will be able to reach even more people in desperate need.

Qurbani Appeal

As you may know thousands of people in Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya are experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent years.

We African Development Trust (ADT) are making this appeal on behalf of these desperate people.


The drought is expanding affecting all the regions in the country.According to UN OCHA 6.2 million or more than half of the population in the country is in need of humanitarian assistance between February and June 2017. Some of 1.4 million acutely malnourished. Children are in grave situation. More than 363,000 children severely malnourished (FEWSNET and FSNAU) and children are in need of urgent nutrition support, including life-saving treatment for more than


The drought in Djibouti persisted for nine consecutive years, severely eroding household coping mechanisms. The drought affected 244,920 people who are in need of emergency assistance.

The situation for children is especially bad. Malnutrition continues to threaten the lives of Children in Djibouti and is either directly or indirectly linked to 40 per cent of all under-five deaths. Nearly one in every three children is stunted and 17.8 per cent of children under 5 are affected by global acute malnutrition. It is estimated 5,963 children under 5 (5.7 per cent) suffer from severe acute malnutrition (SAM).


It is deemed to be facing disastrous drought. According to Kenya Red Cross about 2.7 million people are in need of food aid after low rainfall in October and November, with the next rainy season not due before April.

We (ADT) is urgently appealing to you to make DONATION of your Qurbani.

Please Make these Displaced People Smile and Enjoy Fresh Meat on the days of EID. Please DONATE before it is too late

Qurbani Price Chart 2017

Animal Somalia Djibouti Kenya
Goat(1unit)                    £60 £53 £55
Sheep (1unit)       £50 £62 £65
Cow (1/7share) £35 £38 £34
Whole Cow £243 £238 £235

Gift Appeal

Gift of Life is a regular donation that is set up by Direct Debit. It is a convenient way for you to give your Sadaqah or Zakat, or even set up a Sadaqah-Jariyah for yourself or on behalf of a loved one. You can give as much, or little, as you want, and it’s all done automatically – so you can be sure you’re always helping our brothers and sisters who really need it.

No body wants to live on handouts, so your Gift of Life will ensure that people can make a decent living, access fair markets and meet their own, and their families’, needs in the long term.

At ADT, we focus on the root causes of poverty. So, your Gift of Life will go to work toward long-term development projects, such as Livelihoods, Education, Water Development, or Income Generation in Somalia.

This is what you can help achieve by giving a Gift of Life for one year:

£5 a month will help provide a family in the Horn of Africa with two goats – helping them earn a living

£15 a month will help build a hand pump in Somalia that can giveentire village clean water

£25 a month will provide funding to send a child to  education

Never before has the world experienced such abundant resources of money, knowledge and food. Your Gift of Life can help us make reality a world where everyone has enough to eat, and the opportunity to earn a decent living.