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19 Years of Experiences

Our Introduction

The Journey To End Poverty For Good Begins.

In Fact, Allah Has Blessed Africa With His Countless Graces And Resources; However, The People Of Africa Are Among The Poorest In The World. This Is Because Of Poor Governance, Lack Of Opportunity And Genuine Support From International Community To Address The Root Causes Of The Problems Faced In The Continent.

The Continent Which Has A Population Of More Than 1 Billion People Is Never Out Of Poverty, Natural And Manmade Disasters.  It Is Suffering Of Endless Internal Conflicts, Political Instability And Border Disputes Created By Tyrant Regimes And Power Mongering Leaders.

Who We Are

Make A Difference

It’s Through Mistakes That You Actually Can Grow You Get Rid Of Everything That Is Not Essential To Makihave To Get Bad.

Committed To Transparency

84% Of Our Total Operating Expenses Fund Programs For Children In The Countries We Serve. So When You Make A Monthly Gift Or Donation To Our Organization, The Majority Of Your Dollars Go Toward Exactly What You Intended – Supporting Children In Poverty.

Income Generation

Sustainable, robust livelihoods are the best way to raise the income levels of poor families. They bring ease, and restore a family’s dignity, aspirations and sense of self-worth.

In Africa, we provides intensive training, capital support and livelihoods to help low-income families become wealthier and, thereby, independent. Single-mothers and the long-term unemployed are targeted with the resources needed to stand on their feet.

What we Do

You can help the kids by donating

Emergency Water Distribution

Water is the foundation for sustainable development. Drill a deep well in a community that needs it.

Provide Food through Vouchers

Composed of a variety of staple foods, food packs are distributed in areas of urgent need.

Support a Teacher & Community

 Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and teachers are the ingredient that make this happen.

Helping Orphans

An orphan in Islam is defined as a child who has lost his father or both of his parents. 

Disability Support

Support of families who, due to sustaining permanent injuries, cannot provide for their families anymore.

Give Hope With a Home

 Starting from temporary measures such as tents and basic ‘shed’ houses, the charity aims to help re-house people.

Volunteer With Us

Charity activities are taken place around the world

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