“If a human dies, then his good deeds stop except for three: a Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity), a beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” (Sahih Muslim)

Sadaqah refers to a voluntary form of charity given for the sole purpose of worshiping Allah (swt) and Jariyah means ongoing. When you donate to a Sadaqah Jariyah project you will continue to receive rewards for as long as people are benefiting from it.

African Development Trust has a number of Sadaqh Jariyah projects, including building water wells and income generation programmes, that will benefit some of the poorest people in the world on an ongoing basis. Sadaqah Jariyah donations have a huge positive impact on the lives of needy people and gives them a brighter future.

Water Projects

You can donate your Zakat or Sadaqah to a water well project which will provide entire villages with clean drinking water for up to two decades. Your generosity will mean that women and children do not spend hours walking to collect water. Instead children will be able to go to school and parents will have the resources for crop growth to provide for their families. Find out more about our water projects.

Our water wells and hand pumps give villages access to clean safe drinking water and are managed by local water management committees whom we have trained extensively. This empowers the local communities to manage their own water supplies and solve any problems in the future.

For just £2,500 you can donate a hand pump in a village in Africa.

Orphan Projects

Our orphan sponsorship program provides orphans with food, water, clothing, accommodation, education and emotional support. For just £264 a year or £22 a month, you will transform the life of an orphan in ways which benefits them, their family and the wider communities for generations. Find out more about our orphan project.

African Development Trust is currently facilitating the sponsorship of over 1,500 orphans worldwide.