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African Development Trust (ADT): A Small Muslim Charity in Africa Making a real impact because we specialise in Africa.
African Development Trust (ADT) was established in 2004 by trustees from an African background to provide relief and long-lasting sustainable improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty, war and natural disasters in Africa. As a UK registered African charity with over 14 years of experience and a massive network and experience on the ground in Africa, we are best placed to carry out relief projects on your behalf. We know Africa and our expertise has resulted in many established charities selecting ADT as their trusted programme delivery partner.

Our extensive experience in sub-Saharan Africa has meant that we have developed a holistic approach. We focus on building long-term relationships with local communities, governments and NGOs to provide long-term sustainable solutions to the extreme poverty and lack of access to basic services across Africa. This close relationship with the local communities means that we have learnt about the needs of the people in Africa and importance of empowering them to ensure sustainable change.

Our projects are not only focused on meeting immediate needs such as clean water and shelter, but also enhancing the skills and knowledge of the people in the local areas to ensure that they can deliver these services in the future.

We want to build a future for Africa which is not reliant on foreign aid, donations or external support but this can only be achieved by addressing the root causes of poverty and overcoming the barriers facing poor communities across Africa.

Our 100% donation policy will mean that you can be assured that your donation will be going to those who need it the most and building a brighter future for Africa.

African Development Trust (ADT) are a small UK African Charity with only 5 members of staff based in the UK and 7 across Africa. However, our local volunteers and partners mean we are able to deliver projects which are having a huge impact in every region, including those which suffer from political instability. This local and volunteer led programs with 55% female representation means that we can reach the most remote and dangerous regions to provide both emergency and long-term sustainable relief for those in need.

  • Sponsorship programs: as the numbers of widows and orphans increases in sub-Saharan Africa our sponsorship projects give them the means to survive. We now sponsor over 370 orphans in Somalia alone.
  • Educational projects: we have built schools across Africa which educate both children and adults in communities.
  • Rebuilding Infrastructures: for Africa to develop we need to provide them with the means for long-term access to water and medical aid. We have built more than 45 water pumps in rural communities and set up mobile medical clinics which provide free medical services. In Putland, Somalia our clinic has treated more than 1,200 people in just one year.
  • Emergency Relief: we are on the ground in Africa whenever a disaster strikes; providing food, water and medical supplies to those in need.
  • Economic Diversification projects: we have empowered adults across Africa to provide for their families and rebuild communities by providing investments and microfinance initiatives. Since 2004 we have supported over 180 farmers rehabilitate their land with new watering canals.
African Development Trust (ADT) knows that with the right sustainable projects and long-term solutions Africa can be brought out of extreme poverty. A lack of good governance and support from the international community has made it more of a challenge but the resources in the region and the determination of African people mean it is possible.

Our objectives to achieve this are to:
  • Promote sustainable development programs and emergency relief for those who have been affected by civil and military actions and natural disasters, including those in remote and inaccessible areas of Africa who are often neglected by other NGOs.
  • Advance the education and skills of adults and children in the region to empower local communities to solve problems in the future.
  • Build effective partnerships with local and international groups which can ensure strong and sustainable opportunities for future development.
  • Ensure that all of our projects are environmentally sustainable in the future.

Our Partners

We have partnerships with many local and national Governments and NGOs to achieve our goals and deliver our projects. Thank you to some of our main partner which are mentioned below:

Our partners include:

  • Orphans in Need
  • Penny Appeal
  • Islamic Aid
  • Al Mustafa Welfare Trust
  • Help Somali Organisation (HSO)


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Other organisations we belong to

Charity CommissionBondNEARGlobal Water PartnershipInstitute of FundraisingNCVO