Medical Aid

Having a health care is very essential for human, and there are thousands people don’t have access to any health facilities. Please donate even small amount. This can save people who are saffering from TB, Malaria and other disease in East Africa. Help mothers to ensure their babies are delivered safely. There is a need of essential medical aid for those in need too


Refugee Care Centre

African Development Trust helping, supporting refugees, and other people in need from Yemen through the provision of free advice, welfare and health

General Practitioners

The Local General practitioners (GPs) treat all common medical conditions and provide other medical services. They serve an important role in a much wider healthcare system

Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics offer flexible and viable options for treating isolated and vulnerable groups of people as well as to newly displaced outside cities

Child Health Care

It is extremely concerned about children's growth and development with the unique opportunity that each child has to achieve their full potential as a healthy adult

Mental Health Support

It is really important for anyone with mental illness to try and regain some feeling of control in their own lives to move towards recovery, to really be listened, helped them and worked for them

health and Social Care

It's important for every one of us to have rights about the health and social care support and for individuals, promote their wellbeing, and prevent them from anything that results in harm

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