Building Schools For New Generation

Building Schools

Everyone of us has the right to have education. It is not only a right, but a passport to human development that opens doors and expands opportunities. Please participate in it.

Teacher Sponsorship

Teacher is one of the most important person of every society. Teacher has the ability to build positive and inspired future generations. Not only for children, but it is also the lives of all.

Student Sponsorship

Getting support and sponsors during their studies is the only way to keep them going and attending school class, otherwise their opportunaty of learning is more likely to be missed.

Stationery for Student

It is too difficult for them to buy pens, pencil, highlighter, permanent marker, ruler, rubber, sharpener and pencil case. So your donation today can enable a child to access education and improve their quality of life.

Computers & Laptops

Technology provides ways for students to learn anywhere, at any time, and affords the possibility of providing learning that is comfortable for student. So the smallest amount of money can help them to buy computers.

Sports & Activities

Sports and activities are a great way to get moving, exercising and it is really good for everyone's physical and mental health, specially kids who always enjoy playing around will also need to have such playground in schools.

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