Make a difference

Your donations will help make a difference to the people of Somalia whose  livelihoods have been destroyed away by the current drought.

We are responding to the devastating drought that have 6.2 million people in Somalia to provide food, shelter and medical assistance.

More than 680,000 people have been displaced by devastating drought in Somalia. 1.4 m Children projected to need treatment for acute malnutrition in 2017.

Please give generously. £30 can feed a family for 15 days; £60 can feed a family for entire month  and £30 can give displaced family plastic sheet, mattresses and a set of kitchen appliances.

Be Creative –
Think Outside
the Box!

Why not do more for your community or even university club or society. You can organise a Charity Event to raise awareness, hold a sponsored trek, bake sale, charity bazaar, ideas are endless. At ADT we appreciate ideas and if you have any that haven’t been mentioned, you can always Contact Us. Throughout the jounrey ADT promises to provide advice and resources that you will need such as our charity banner, buckets, leaflets, tshirts and balloons. So what are you waiting for?

Or Simply –
Promote African
Development Trust

Let people know about the humanitarian work African Development Trust is doing through word of mouth recommendations or the distribution of leaflets and posters, which can be collected from our London Office (it’s always best to call in first to make sure we have enough in stock).

Family and

You can encourage others to donate and sign up to specific projects. Why not get your family members to sponsor an orphan each, or help raise funds with your friends to fund a clinic. If there’s anything you need, just Contact Us and we’ll support you as much as we can.