Helping communities out of poverty

Food parcels and handouts offer temporary respite from hunger, but unless people are given the means to lift themselves out of destitution and poverty, the aid will eventually run out creating only dependency syndrome.

Affordable and Sharia compliant financial services are central to addressing poverty. Income generation services help the poorest earn a living, grow their businesses and create new jobs, pulling whole communities out of poverty.

Many people are trapped in to destitution due lack of access to financial support to establish their own small businesses. Of the 500 million of small businesses worldwide, less than 2% have access to financial services like loans and credit. African Development Trust works hard to ensure that poor people have access to the financial tools and training they need to help lift themselves out of poverty.

African Development Trust has been working on income generation for more than 10 years helping poor people to increase their incomes and make their futures more secure, without compromising their religious beliefs.

Women generally face the greatest difficulties in finding work. Typically, when they are widowed or left abandoned with several children they have no skills to earn an income.

African Development Trust makes a lasting difference in the lives of the poor widows under widow welfare program by giving grant-in-aid for establishment of small businesses such as mini shop, butchery shop, tea shop and vegetable display tables.

Help break the cycle of poverty and empower people to make a change to their lives.