Millennium Development Goals

African Development Trust is committed to achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals which include affirming the right to good health and providing adequate food for all. African Development Trust plans to do this by supporting the development of sustainable healthcare systems in the areas where we work.

Every day, nearly 19,000 children under age 5 die of mostly preventable causes, such as diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia. These children die because they are poor, they do not have access to routine immunization or health services, their diets lack sufficient vitamin A and other essential micronutrients. African Development Trust focuses on child and maternal health, using basic medicines, supplies, and interventions to prevent and treat illnesses at the community level.

Poor health and poverty go together

Hunger is a problem that affects everything for the world’s poorest people. It prevents children’s brains from developing fully, causes physical stunting and inhibits their immune systems.

We believe that good health and access to healthcare are fundamental human rights. African Development Trust nutrition programmes work to prevent malnutrition and ensure that those who do suffer can gradually recover to full health.

Our Priorities

We are guided by a clear health policy. Every year African Development Trust helps improve the health of thousands of poor people. African Development Trust works on improving health through primary healthcare in emergency, rehabilitation and development situations specifically focusing on the following four areas:

  • Maternal, neonatal and child health;
  • Nutrition;
  • Water and sanitation;
  • Upgrading local health services


How African Development Trust tackling the problem

In 2012, 6.6 million children died before reaching their fifth birthday; almost all (99%) of these deaths occurred in poor countries. They die because of poor nutrition, inadequate sanitation or lack of access to healthcare. African Development Trust tackles these problems by:

  • Teaching parents and health workers how to spot and prevent malnutrition in children under five;
  • Educating women on caring for infants;
  • Supporting local health services with medical equipments, ambulances and medicines;
  • Providing people with access to clean water;
  • Educating communities on good hygiene, reducing the spread of disease;

Please support African Development Trust work to help improve the health of the world’s poorest people.

How your zakat (zakah), sadaqah and other donations help in healthcare

We are Muslim charity committed to upheld the sharia laws in everything we do African Development Trust ensures to spend your zakat (zakah), sadaqah, Sadaqh Jarya, Waqaf funds, Riba (interest money), Saqaqah Sacrifice and other donations as prescribed by Islamic laws.