Worldwide, 1.3 billion people are living on less than $1 a day. When you’re that far behind, it is hard to get ahead and handouts only offer temporary respite from their hunger and daily struggle. Eventually the aid will run out and create a dependency syndrome. That’s why African Development Trust is providing skills training, building access to micro-finance and improving market development to help people in sub-Saharan Africa break out of the cycle of poverty.

For over 14 years African Development Trust have been working with some of the poorest communities across Africa. We want people to be able to earn a living in a sustainable way, so they can feed themselves and their families. We know that ensuring people have access to nutritious food and clean, safe water is an important part of this whilst providing opportunities for communities to invest in sustainable farming methods, such as crop rotation and livestock management which improve yield without depleting natural resources and reduce their vulnerability to droughts and flooding. This income generation will help the poorest earn a living, grow their businesses and create new jobs, pulling whole communities out of poverty.

There are many reasons why a family can lose an income; illness or death of a breadwinner or the loss of land or livestock from extreme drought or flooding. We focus on developing the skills of widows and young people, so they are able to earn an income in the future. In the last 14 years we have established tea shops and mini shops for widows and trained young people in computing and welding skills. Across Africa farmers have also been provided farmers with business advice and interest free loans so they earn a living with dignity. This is often all it takes to help put an entire family back on the road to recovery.


When African Development Trust first partners with a community, we work to address their basic, most urgent needs, such as food, water, healthcare and education. Once these have been improved we can then focus on ways to fuel the local economy. By forming cooperatives, we can improve local farming methods, train people to grow their business and ensure that goods are sold at fair price by improving access to local markets.

Our livelihood projects are not just about a persons’ ability to earn a living, it’s about everything that has an impact on a persons’ life. By working with the poorest and most vulnerable communities, we are providing people with immediate means to survive and enabling them to support their families in the long-term without compromising their faith. It helps parents become better providers for their children and ensure they grow up better nourished, educated and equipped to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Your Zakat, Sadaqah and generous donations will help give some of the poorest communities in the world a future of dignity and hope.

Give 5 families seeds and fertiliser: £300