In sub-Saharan Africa natural disasters and emergencies are one of highest causes of death. With crops destroyed and increased polluted water families and communities are left without shelter, food and access to clean, safe water. It is the children and vulnerable people who suffer the most and without our support they are at risk from water-borne diseases, starvation and exploitation.

Victims of extreme drought, flooding and other humanitarian emergencies in Africa are increasing and in 2016 alone African Development Trust supported over 120,000 people in the region with emergency food, medical and water supplies. During the last 15 years it has been estimated that more than one million people have been killed in over 7,000 natural disasters. Climate-related disasters, including drought, heat waves and floods have now become the main cause of loss of life with 90% of these disaster deaths occurring in lower- and middle-income countries.

As part of our emergency relief projects we focus on tackling both the immediate and long-term problems. We distribute livestock, seeds and tools so that people can continue to provide for their families and rebuild their lives in a sustainable way for the future. We are now also working closely with local communities to help them become better at predicting emergencies and responding to them effectively, so the impacts are not as devastating.


African Development Trust want to ensure that families and people across sub-Saharan Africa are no longer reliant on hand-outs to survive and that they are empowered to have a better future. By supporting our work, you are giving these families the ability to decide their own futures and live the life they deserve.

“Saving One Life Is As If Saving Whole Of Humanity…”Quran 5:32