African Development Trust is working with local communities, organisations and governments to improve the access that poor children in remote areas of Africa have to high quality education. Through the building of new schools, sponsorship programs, youth projects, income support for parents and providing educational resources we are giving these children a reliable route out of poverty and a brighter future.

It is estimated that globally there are 58 million children between the age of 6-11 who are out of school. At least two-thirds of these are girls and a large number of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa. Many children in Africa are instead forced to provide for their families and even become the main breadwinner for their siblings when they are orphaned at a young age. Today every 5th child in Africa is working in some form of child labour instead of going to school. Today we now sponsor nearly 350 orphans in Somalia and have just seen our first group of students successfully finishing secondary school.

By sponsoring one student for £300 a year or £25 a month you will provide them with uniforms, school bags, pen, notebooks and pay for their class and exam fees. Every year you will receive a report on their progress which is monitored by regular home and school visits.


Education represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of children, families, communities and nations around the world. It will lead to more productive, healthier and stronger societies and should be the cornerstone of any development program. Recent studies have shown that uneducated women are twice as likely to contract AIDS and children of African women with at least five years of schooling have a 40% higher chance of survival.

However, last year only 20% of women in Africa were literate and 16.7 million girls were out of school. The number of schools are increasing in sub-Saharan Africa the quality of learning is still poor and the general attendance is low. Reasons for this can include local violence, gender oppression and access to water sources. In the last 14 years we have learnt the importance of spending time with local communities and organisations to understand the barriers to education in that region before setting up any new education projects. Each community can have different reasons why children are out of school and for a school or sponsorship project to be successful it is essential we address these too either within the program or with other simultaneous work.

African Development Trust focus on improving education for the most vulnerable in communities; children from poor families, girls, orphans and the disabled. By removing the barriers to education and setting up schools and learning centres we are preparing children for a future and skills to build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.