What is Aqiqah?

When a child is born, an Aqiqah must be given by the parents/guardian as a gesture of thanking Allah (SWT), protection from Shaytaan, expiation of sins and preventing any calamities from happening, insha’Allah.

We also shave the hair of the child boy or girl and then we apply saffron; Za’faran, then we weigh the hair and give the equal amount of it in gold or silver as Sadaqah to the poor people.

African Development Trust can make your Aqiqah reach to the neediest

According to the Ulama majority consensus and experts of fiqh, to parents able in terms of money in performing Aqiqah are highly recommended to do so. On the other hand there are some whosaid Aqiqah is a must. If you don’t do this for your child, your child will not intercede for his parents on the day of resurrection.

How Aqiqah should be Performed

The Aqiqah is to slaughter an animal; one goat for a baby girl and two goats for a baby boy and it has to be slaughtered in the seventh day if not possible, then in the fourteenth, if not, in the twenty fourth, if not, then at anytime

Now the question- what if my parents did not do it for me and now I’m old. Can I make Aqiqah for myself? The answer is yes you can make the Aqiqah for yourself.

Another important thing to notice is that the pure Shariah (Islamic law) has said that the Aqiqah should be done for both male and female, yet there are some people who only do it for the male but not the female which is utterly wrong. This was the practice of the Jews like mention in Fathulbari.

It is mentioned in Tarmizi that the Prophet (PBU) says that two sacrifices should be from the male and one sacrifice of goat or sheep from the female.

The reason behind this is to oppose the Jews because they sacrifice only one animal for the male and none for the girls. But one should remember that if one cannot sacrifice two animals then one is enough.
Best Time to Perform Aqiqah

The preferable method for Aqiqah is that it should be preformed on the seventh day if not then the 14th or 21st and so on. Some scholars have said that this can be carried on till the child has become mature and say Aqiqah can be performed then. However after this period performing Aqiqah is irrelevant. Some scholars given the Fatwa that Aqiqah is valid till the day of ones death.

The Aqiqah Price

The African Development Trust Aqiqah price is £ 65 for Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This includes: The sacrifice of one or two Aqiqah animals (depending on sex baby) distributed to the poor and needy, including orphans and the elderly and the payment of your child’s hair weight which is £10.