African Development Trust is always in need of additional funding for life-changing projects and without the generosity of our supporters we would not be able to continue our vital work. If you would more information on supporting one of our projects, contact [email protected].

Many of our donors choose to donate to our general funds which allows us to use their donation where it is most needed and respond effectively to the needs of the people. However, if you would prefer you can instead support a specific project and region which you feel matches your charitable aims.

The benefits of supporting African Development Trust include:

  • 100% of your donation is spent on our life-changing projects and work
  • All of our stakeholders recognise the quality of our work
  • Our projects are run by the local communities and have measurable benefits on their lives.

Over the past 14 years we have helped save the lives of thousands of people in remote and forgotten regions of Africa. By supporting us you will be helping us to reach even more.

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