Education represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of children, families, communities and nations around the world—the most reliable rout e out of poverty and a critical pathway towards healthier, more productive citizens and stronger societies. ADT believes that education is basic human right for every child in the world.  We address the reasons why children are out of school and involve communities in identifying and overcoming barriers to learning. We work with individuals, governments and partner organisations to address all aspects of basic education.

Health Care:

African Development Trust is committed to achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals which include affirming the right to good health and providing adequate food for all. African Development Trust plans to do this by supporting the development of sustainable healthcare systems in the areas where we work. Every day, nearly 19,000 children under age 5 die of mostly preventable causes, such as diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia. These children die because they are poor, they do not have access to routine immunization or health services, and their diets lack sufficient vitamin A and other essential micronutrients.  ADT focuses on child and maternal health, using basic medicines, supplies, and interventions to prevent and treat illnesses at the community level.

Water Development:

African Development Trust knows water is life and hunger affects everything for the world’s poorest people. We believe no one should have to live with thirsty and hunger. That is why African Development Trust is working for a world in which no one dies for lack of safe water and lack of food. Hunger and thirsty are not an incurable diseases or an unavoidable tragedy. We can make sure no child goes without food or water. We can stop mothers from starving themselves or staying in thirsty to feed their families. We can save lives. We can do all of this, if we are prepared to do something about it.

Income Generation:

Food parcels and handouts offer temporary respite from hunger, but unless people are given the means to lift themselves out of destitution, the aid will eventually run out leaving only dependency.  Affordable and Sharia compliant financial services are central to addressing poverty. Microfinance services help the poorest earn a living, grow their businesses and create new jobs, pulling whole communities out of poverty.

Orphan Sponsorship:

Today there are millions of orphans around the world; they are amongst the most vulnerable in society as they do not have the same opportunities as other children. They are often forced into child labour in order to survive and miss out on a normal childhood. Needy orphans are usually deprived of food, clothing, sufficient healthcare and a good education. Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is their lack of education. Currently ADT regularly supports 372 orphans in Somalia by providing £22 per month per child for food, clothes and educational materials.