An Aqiqah is the slaughter of animal on the occasion of the birth of a child. It is given as a gesture of thanks to Allah (swt) and as a protection from Shaytan and from any further calamities. The benefits of an Aqiqah include announcing the birth of a baby and inviting friends and family to celebrate this blessed occasion. The poor should be included in this celebration and be offered food and meat on the day.

Aqiqah should be done for both genders; one goat for a baby girl and two goats for a baby boy preferably on the 7th day, then 14th or 21st day. Ideally the Aqiqah will be done before the child becomes mature but, in some circumstances, it can be permissible after this period to do your own Aqiqah as an adult.

According to the majority of scholars and experts of fiqh (Islamic Law) parents who have the means to perform Aqiqah are highly recommended to do so. There are others who say that it obligatory on everyone. There is validity in both viewpoints and it is clear if you have the means you should do an Aqiqah.

African Development Trust’s Aqiqah program in Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti ensures that we source the healthiest animals and distribute the meat to the poorest and neediest communities.