How We Help

In a continent that’s still underdeveloped it needs whatever possible form of improvement, help and guidance it can get. ADT strive hard to provide those affected by war, famine and natural disaster with help and support socially, economically, culturally and spiritually every day of the year.

Our aim is to be able to reach to the deep root of the problem and help solve it by addressing the issue worldwide and getting as much help as possible to those suffering and in need for a gentle hand and heart to accompany them throughout their misery.

We Work With Poor People
We aim to be able to help those affected by war and humanitarian disasters, with emergency relief. But not only do we provide help in a state of emergency, but we set up long-term development programmes so that families are able to begin to govern their own lives. We work to help needy people organise themselves so they could have better access to different opportunities, by providing different support schemes listed below.

1. Emergency Relief - Help when it's needed most and help that's provided fast
2. Development Programmes - Long-term solutions to help tackle poverty from its roots
3. Islamic Festivals - Helping maintain Islamic Rituals, such as fasting through Ramadan by providing Iftar

We Influence Powerful People
In order to help poor people we try to link our work to high level research and lobbying aiming to change international policies and practices in ways that would ensure the rights of poor people, to have better opportunities and resources they need to improve and be able to control their lives. ADT has no political allegiance or agenda; its aims are purely humanitarian, in that by supporting individual people, families and communities.

We Join Hands With All People
We spread our hands to join venture, build alliances to raise awareness within the public of the plight of our people in Africa, and specifically Somalia.

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