Monthly Donations

You can set up a standing order or direct debit so that a certain amount of money from your account is regularly transferred, once a month, to help those less fortunate. This recurring donation will continue until you provide further notice.

Standing Order

To set this up you can :

1. Complete and send us a standing order form which can be downloaded Here
2. or directly contact us either by phone: ++44 (0) 207 354 3355 | 0800 195 0606, or email:

Donate by Direct Debit

Below are a selection of the sponsorship programmes currently available. If you prefer to set up a monthly direct debit online, you can do so though our secure JustGiving page by clicking here.

Orphan SponsorshipFamily SponsorshipStudent (University) SponsorshipStudent (School) Sponsorship
You will sponsor an orphan one-one helping to provide a smile on a childs face.You will be helping a family of 5-7 people be fed, clothed and treated with proper medical care.You will help a student study at University.You will help a child get the basic education required.
£20 a month£55 a month£50 a month£25 a month

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